Days 18, 19, 20

What a weekend! I am loving this challenge. Jon and I are on countdown to our relocation and we are siked. The energy created through this challenge is contagious. Friends and family are getting a buzz off of our natural high. It is a blessing to be an inspiration for others who want to change the direction of their life.

As we are packing up our stuff and preparing for this major change, we are doing a lot of visualization of what we desire to come of this move. The more that we meditate on what we desire, the quicker that thing comes to us and the stronger our faith becomes in God and our own abilities.

This challenge thus far has freed me to be more confident and I hold myself in a higher esteem. I have given myself permission to just be me. I really LIKE me. I am as cool as a cucumber, as complex as the hardest math problem ever yet as simple as the color blue. I am both mean and sweet and I am very intelligent, resourceful and creative.

I am as open-minded as I am closed. My commonsense takes vacations frequently and all I can do is laugh about it. I love people, however I enjoy my own company most. I am spiritual yet worldly and I love to balance the two.

I am growing and evolving. I am perfect yet incomplete. I am Yolanda and I just wanted to introduce you to the real me. Hello!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi


Day three

I am exhausted. However I welcome this exhaustion. I am spent emotionally from yesterday. The concert and all the events before hand took a lot out of me. The concert was amazing. John Legend was great and Sade was even better. Keep posted I will give full detail later.

To add to the exhaustion, I had to keep motivated even in the face of  unrelenting obstacles. I think of Ganesha who gives me pause to think what lesson am I to receive from all of this or where is the opportunity in this? The old victim mentality in me wants to complain about a not so “Yolanda friendly” day. Well, seeing as this is a new day with a new mind and I am heavy with possibilities I see moments pregnant with story ideas and blog topics.

How about this… As I was writing the paragraph above the young man beside me noticed I was on WordPress. This observation led to a great conversation and a networking opportunity which brought me even more inspiration and helped recharge my low battery. Here is the kicker: he is a designer for WordPress. If you get a chance check out his work. His name is Donne Ashlock.

The lesson for today is that in the face of great obstacles DO NOT BACK DOWN! Press forward and keep an eye out for the lesson or the opportunity. It is in these times that your character is being refined.

I have caught my second wind now. I am ready to press on.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi


* Ok I had to add this. As my new friend Donne exited he struck up a brief convo with a young woman sitting next to him. Turns out she became another networking opportunity. This renewal is like A Mighty Rushing Wind! Whew!!! I am bracing for more greatness to come. 97.5 days left!