Day 41-The Earthquake

There’s a rumbling’ going on in these parts. Less than an hour ago, much of the east coast experienced an 5.8 earhquake. It began as a low rumbling, much like when a huge truck passes by. Within seconds the whole brownstone was shaking and slightly swaying. There was no real sense of panic, mostly confusion. Those in cars report feeling their cars sway. Others on the street felt the ground trembling below their feet.

The reports are that the center of the quake was in Richmond, Va. and went as far as three miles down. Tremors were felt in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. There is no reports of damage yet. This quake pales in comparison to what recently went down in Japan and my prayers continue to go out to them.

This experience allows me to feel alive and take greater stock in being amongst the living. Each moment is my own and I am not promised the next. With that blessed knowledge I learn from this and I keep it moving. Thanks be to God Almighty that all is well. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi