Days 21-27

Busy, busy, busy! Relocating is serious work. The countdown has begun. We are very excited about moving to DC on Saturday. If you ask me, Saturday is too far away. I am so ready to hit the ground running. I have a general plan of action and some seeds already planted. My husband is ready as well.

We have placed ourselves in a central location to other amazing cities such as Philly, NY, Jersey and more. I think we are more excited about the possibilities hidden in the unknown than anything. We are strategically placing ourselves in an environment to create the opportunities we need and want.

Our magnetism is getting stronger. The more we move toward our desires, the more opportunities manifest themselves. People are eager to help. That is the thing about positive magnetism, it draws to you all the resources that you need to accomplish whatever you have put your hands to do. People want to attach themselves to good things. They want to know that the work they do will matter and they have a purpose.

I am no exception. Let’s create something wonderful together! I am ready if you are.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi