Days 28-31

The day has come! It is time to hit the road. I’m on my way DC! Willie Nelson, Ledisi and Jill Scott are playing on my mental ipod. Willie is crooning “On the road again…”, Ledisi suavely sings “Life can bring you through many changes; its alright” and Jill”s saucy and sassy lyrics bounce through my head, “I’m living my life like its golden!” These are high times for the Whitman clan.

One month into the challenge to change my life and the momentum is astounding. I am ready! Jon is ready and the funny thing is that we do not have a rock solid plan. Everything is written in pencil (ok maybe crayon!). We are seeking to be feathers on the breath of God and enjoy the adventure. Either we trust Him or we don’t. Besides, our plans rarely go as planned.

As Jon & I let go of control, and a huge percentage of our belongings, and go with God’s flow, we feel a sense of jublent peace within ourselves and with each other. I am so very thankful that my husband is as adventurous as I am. Most imporantly, he is intune with God and his higher self. I can not imagine being called out into the world with a reluctant, scared, non believing partner. Thank you Jon Jon! Muah!

I encourage all of you to be proactive in fulfilling your goals and dreams. The positive energy you create will draw the resources that you need and create the opportunities that you want. I am so close to my life altering opportunity. Let’s see how this flows.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi