Day 41-The Earthquake

There’s a rumbling’ going on in these parts. Less than an hour ago, much of the east coast experienced an 5.8 earhquake. It began as a low rumbling, much like when a huge truck passes by. Within seconds the whole brownstone was shaking and slightly swaying. There was no real sense of panic, mostly confusion. Those in cars report feeling their cars sway. Others on the street felt the ground trembling below their feet.

The reports are that the center of the quake was in Richmond, Va. and went as far as three miles down. Tremors were felt in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. There is no reports of damage yet. This quake pales in comparison to what recently went down in Japan and my prayers continue to go out to them.

This experience allows me to feel alive and take greater stock in being amongst the living. Each moment is my own and I am not promised the next. With that blessed knowledge I learn from this and I keep it moving. Thanks be to God Almighty that all is well. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi


Real Wealth

“Riches of this world are perishable, but the riches of God are imperishable.”

Paramhansa Yogananda[1]


Before me at my desk is the vision board I made at the beginning of the year. This collage serves as a reminder of what I am striving to be and maintain. There are an array of words and images ranging from personality traits to accomplishments to travel destinations.  At this particular moment the word that is demanding my attention from the collage is: wealth.


At one point in my life I found myself grossly misunderstanding the concept of real wealth. The poverty mentality I own proudly only allowed me to see the shallow end of that word. I attached the word wealth to material gain, never seeing it for anything more. However life to date has been my greatest teacher and in those lessons I have been inundated with a richer sense of the concept of wealth.


I now look at wealth through holistic lenses. With these lenses material gain only rounds out the equation, though in smaller proportion. Wealth now is a balance of wellbeing, health, relationships, spirituality and most importantly God. The material aspect only enriches all the other parts. The more balanced I become in all the other areas, the more I attract the material wealth I desire.


I now work to enrich my life through an intimate relationship with God. As I seek after God and all of His richness, he then goes to work realigning that which was broken for me. My health begins to improve, my relationships become more intimate and my overall well-being is enhanced.


My approach to life becomes more fluid and I stress less, freeing me to enjoy the gifts of life, including the material gain. The peace that I gain naturally is far more assuring and comforting than the pseudo security that material gain alone brings. Regardless of what may come in life; I am determined to always be more than ok. I will be rock solid in real wealth so that at the end of this life it can be said of me that I left my loved ones with real wealth.



Lord you alone are my provider. Make manifest your prosperity within me. Father, you are wealthy; and as your daughter I share in your wealth. I receive my portion, my inheritance, with humility and honor. Amen


Aum Shanti

[1] Paramhansa Yogananda,  How to be a Success,NevadaCity, Ca., Hansa Trust, 2008. 133

Move Outta My Way!

Last night I was watching the Mo’nique Show. Tyrese Gibson was talking about the release of his new book ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way’ while dropping little nuggets of wisdom. My husband, his friend and I were totally engaged in his take on how to be successful.

For me personally, it totally aligned with the conversations that my soul and God were engaging in. I have been on this hamster wheel called self-pity induced depression for a very long time. I was sick of my own self, yet my soul was calling out like Djimon Hounsou’s character in Amistad, “Give us free!”

This year I have been hit with the comfort of harsh truths about myself and the life that I lead. I have the exact life that I want to lead. On some level I wanted to run myself ragged on the hamster wheel of depression.  My lack of success is the result of the decision and actions of my recent and not so recent past. The same can be true for the lack of opportunities coming my way.  I wasn’t suffering from an unfortunate lot in life. I was suffering from unfortunate decisions and thought processes.

I read that opportunities in life come by creation. Success is predicated upon utilizing our natural abilities and tenaciously exploiting the opportunities afforded to us. Paramhansa Yogananda, in his book, ‘How to Be a Success’, tells us to exploit these opportunities to the best advantage because we have earned them.

How do we earn these opportunities you ask. By our thoughts silly! Our thoughts give birth to our actions and our actions give birth to our circumstance to some degree. Yogananda’s insight on this is: either your thoughts will bring you to failure or to success depending on which thought is strongest. If you make it a habit to entertain successful thoughts then you will have success in your life and vice versa.

God has given us unlimited power that can be accessed from the innermost forces of our being. These powers must be developed. In order for God to work through us we have to develop an unshakable faith in our own plans, be receptive and use our talents to carry them out.

I had to drastically shift my thought patterns about my life. The results were expected. Doors began to fly open. Opportunities materialized and mountain sized obstacles were reduced to rubble. I began recreating my life from self-pity laced to saturated with success. I am loving it and I am forever changed. How I see myself has changed.

I am success! It has never eluded me; I forfeited it. No longer though because I choose to embody success. It begins….Now!

It Begins!

   Somewhere between birth and young adulthood,  I traded in my youthful,  zesty and fierce zeal for life.  In return I saddled myself with the nonsensical cares of the world.  Now in my early thirties,  I find myself dull, unfulfilled and often times depressed.
   My very essence is shrieking for liberation.  For more than a decade  I have ignored the quiet whimperings of my spirit and my soul.  Now they are wailing loudly while  raking their tin cups across the prison bars, effectively threatening a coup d’etat.  The nights have grown restless and my mind and body weary from the heavy load.
   Freedom is hounding me like a hungry, rabid Rottweiler nipping at my heels.  My past decisions have imprisoned me,  yet my present and future decisions will set me free.  I find that is a crime against the Almighty God, to  house such ripe and fruitful gifts only to bury them and not yield a return  on His investments.
   In the parable of the talents (Mt 25:14-30), the Master of the house severely reprimanded and tossed aside the lazy unproductive servant.  The diligent and faithful servants were rewarded and praised.  I am hungry to be diligent and fruitful.  My life depends on this.
   My fiance wisely advised me to stop looking  for jobs and to pursue my passions and make a career of them.  There will never be fulfillment for me in a job. I thrive in freedom and I am nourished by creativity.  These thankless jobs only provide enough to keep me dependant on them and too distracted by frustration to see my way clear to freedom. What… the… hell!?!
   I have prepared the noose for my fears and inhibitions and I am ready to execute.  I am lacing up my hiking boots in preparation for this expedition toward my personal truth.  In the process I expect to set  my captives free, have the adventure of a lifetime and befriend some of the most amazing people in the world.  I inhale deeply and take a step.  The journey begins… Now!