Day 41-The Earthquake

There’s a rumbling’ going on in these parts. Less than an hour ago, much of the east coast experienced an 5.8 earhquake. It began as a low rumbling, much like when a huge truck passes by. Within seconds the whole brownstone was shaking and slightly swaying. There was no real sense of panic, mostly confusion. Those in cars report feeling their cars sway. Others on the street felt the ground trembling below their feet.

The reports are that the center of the quake was in Richmond, Va. and went as far as three miles down. Tremors were felt in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. There is no reports of damage yet. This quake pales in comparison to what recently went down in Japan and my prayers continue to go out to them.

This experience allows me to feel alive and take greater stock in being amongst the living. Each moment is my own and I am not promised the next. With that blessed knowledge I learn from this and I keep it moving. Thanks be to God Almighty that all is well. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi


Days 38, 39, 40

Distractions! Sneeky little buggers. In the midst of trying to get settled, I lost sight of what I was trying to originally accomplish here. Being busy is only good if you are busy doing the right things. I have expended a lot of good energy pursuing the wrong occupation here. I promised myself that I would not put my purpose off any longer to worry about making ends meet.

Day 37

We have been here less than a week, though it feels like months. I love this city. I love my husband even more. I have had the opportunity to see his hustle in action and I am more than impressed. This man is truly favored of God. The opportunities are so ripe here that I would be ashamed if I could not thrive here.

We have pounded the pavement and networked like nobody’s business. There have been many ups and a few downs, yet through it all we are grounded. This challenge has stirred up a few gifts and talents in us and has placed us in a position to really live life as we have imagined it.

When fear or discontent arises we subdue and master it quickly. We stand as a united front in the face of obstacles and those obstacles have to flee. I am thankful to all of my life struggles and heartaches of the past. If I never experienced them then, then I would not be able to appreciate this stage in my life.

I did not fully realize the importance of placement until I arrived here in DC. In Atlanta I struggled hard to position myself in a place to thrive and fulfill my purpose. My vision for my life and my environment were at odds with each other. I love Atlanta for preparing me to thrive in the right environment and now that I am here I am ready to roll.

As soon as we hit the city on Sunday, my spirit felt as if it exhaled after holding its breath for 10+ years. I knew I was where I was supposed to be for this leg of my journey. The very things that we requested of God were almost dropped in our laps. We move at the pulse of the city. We blend into its diversity. We learn from its elders and are ready to share what we have to offer.

The most valuable blessing we have received is the gift of being centered. We are not moved to the left or the right. We have grown closer to ourselves and each other. Most importantly we have grown closer to God.

If you are reading this I hope to inspire you to be fiercely proactive in pursuing whatever it is that your heart is longing for. Stop waiting on God to do the work for you and just begin somewhere. The Laws of the Universe will begin to draw you to the very thing you seek and you will be that much closer to being whole. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Days 32-36

OMG! This has been an exhilarating and exhausting few days. We have picked p and moved to the District of Columbia. Jon and I have hit the ground running and it is paying off very well. The energy is far greater than I could have ever imagined. The culture is so rich and the diversity is exciting. The city is lively and bursting with affluence.

Jon and I humbled and overwhelmed with the amount of aid and support we are receiving. Even in the midst of our shortcomings, the love extended to us is great. We have been inundated with wisdom, knowledge and hospitality. The job market is so abundant and other opportunities abound. The city is also abuzz with the upcoming march and dedication of the MLK Memorial.

This 100 Day Challenge is an indescribable blessing. I have learned to view my obstacles as opportunities and Jon and I have  become a more solid team. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Our mutual respect has grown as well. This adventure is GREAT! I will keep you posted and hopefully inspired!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Days 28-31

The day has come! It is time to hit the road. I’m on my way DC! Willie Nelson, Ledisi and Jill Scott are playing on my mental ipod. Willie is crooning “On the road again…”, Ledisi suavely sings “Life can bring you through many changes; its alright” and Jill”s saucy and sassy lyrics bounce through my head, “I’m living my life like its golden!” These are high times for the Whitman clan.

One month into the challenge to change my life and the momentum is astounding. I am ready! Jon is ready and the funny thing is that we do not have a rock solid plan. Everything is written in pencil (ok maybe crayon!). We are seeking to be feathers on the breath of God and enjoy the adventure. Either we trust Him or we don’t. Besides, our plans rarely go as planned.

As Jon & I let go of control, and a huge percentage of our belongings, and go with God’s flow, we feel a sense of jublent peace within ourselves and with each other. I am so very thankful that my husband is as adventurous as I am. Most imporantly, he is intune with God and his higher self. I can not imagine being called out into the world with a reluctant, scared, non believing partner. Thank you Jon Jon! Muah!

I encourage all of you to be proactive in fulfilling your goals and dreams. The positive energy you create will draw the resources that you need and create the opportunities that you want. I am so close to my life altering opportunity. Let’s see how this flows.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Days 21-27

Busy, busy, busy! Relocating is serious work. The countdown has begun. We are very excited about moving to DC on Saturday. If you ask me, Saturday is too far away. I am so ready to hit the ground running. I have a general plan of action and some seeds already planted. My husband is ready as well.

We have placed ourselves in a central location to other amazing cities such as Philly, NY, Jersey and more. I think we are more excited about the possibilities hidden in the unknown than anything. We are strategically placing ourselves in an environment to create the opportunities we need and want.

Our magnetism is getting stronger. The more we move toward our desires, the more opportunities manifest themselves. People are eager to help. That is the thing about positive magnetism, it draws to you all the resources that you need to accomplish whatever you have put your hands to do. People want to attach themselves to good things. They want to know that the work they do will matter and they have a purpose.

I am no exception. Let’s create something wonderful together! I am ready if you are.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Days 18, 19, 20

What a weekend! I am loving this challenge. Jon and I are on countdown to our relocation and we are siked. The energy created through this challenge is contagious. Friends and family are getting a buzz off of our natural high. It is a blessing to be an inspiration for others who want to change the direction of their life.

As we are packing up our stuff and preparing for this major change, we are doing a lot of visualization of what we desire to come of this move. The more that we meditate on what we desire, the quicker that thing comes to us and the stronger our faith becomes in God and our own abilities.

This challenge thus far has freed me to be more confident and I hold myself in a higher esteem. I have given myself permission to just be me. I really LIKE me. I am as cool as a cucumber, as complex as the hardest math problem ever yet as simple as the color blue. I am both mean and sweet and I am very intelligent, resourceful and creative.

I am as open-minded as I am closed. My commonsense takes vacations frequently and all I can do is laugh about it. I love people, however I enjoy my own company most. I am spiritual yet worldly and I love to balance the two.

I am growing and evolving. I am perfect yet incomplete. I am Yolanda and I just wanted to introduce you to the real me. Hello!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

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