Day 17

Today is a good day. I am healthy, loved and alive. I do not have much to share on this day other than LIVE! Live this life to the fullest. Exploit every opportunity and never lose sight of what is most important; real love. I love you all!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi


Day 16

Tamias minimus (Least Chipmunk), Glacier Natio...

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(Deep breath) Ahhhhhh… Life! As I am taking a walk this morning I see a chipmunk running around handling his business. It took me back to something I witnessed while living on campus some years back.

I love to step outside to pray and meditate in the morning. This particular morning I was watching a squirrel scrounge for acorns. I observed that this squirrel stayed close to his tree. He would not go more than a yard or so from it. He was working hard.

Shortly afterwards I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small, brown, furry flash coming from the back yard sprinting past the squirrel, across the yard to the parking lot a couple hundred yards away. Two minutes later the chipmunk came sprinting back towards the backyard. I watched this chipmunk repeat this process non stop for almost an hour.

As I visually investigated the parking lot, I realized that it was an acorn paradise. The pavement was almost completely covered with them. On each trip back this chipmunk had outrageously large cheeks. He was traveling a great distance and taking a huge risk to receive a huge reward. The squirrel played it safe, stuck close to home and received a reward also, but not as great as the chipmunk. I also realized that the squirrel worked twice as hard sniffing, digging, scurrying up trees in fear while hunting for a few acorns.

What amused me was the fact the squirrel was closer to abundance than the chipmunk. He was just a hop, skip and a jump away from a huge harvest, however he never took the chance to cross the driveway to where the abundance was just lying around. The chipmunk had enough gumption to not only leave his comfort zone and safety, but to also travel twice the distance to where his abundance was.

The lesson that I apply to my life today is to be like the chipmunk. I can afford to take calculated risks to receive the great rewards in life. Playing it safe has not gotten me very far. Actually it has left me complacent and unfulfilled. I have been a squirrel mentally. Now it is time to evolve into a mental chipmunk. It is time to go hard during the fall season so that when winter comes I am set and cushy.

Through meditation, prayer and being in tune with my #1 star player (me), I have seen where my abundance lies and I am on the move. I challenge you today to do the same. Don’t focus on the size, distance, limitations or obstacles that are apparently in the way. Just do it! Go for it and earn your play time. Exercise your faith in a real way and trust that God is who He says He is and is going to do what He says He will do. 

In the words of Ace Hood: “Hustle… hustle… hustle… hard!”

I love it!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi



Day 15

Today I watched God  keep to His word. As I stay focused on Him and keep moving forward in what comes organically to me, He continues to make provisions for me. The obstacles that arose became blessings and confirmation that I am on the right path. I do not have much to say on this day other than Hallelujah!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Days 12, 13,& 14

Whew! Made it through the weekend. I hung out with my sisters both days and weathered through some turbulence. Two weeks into my 100 days and I feel stronger than ever. Change can be a very abrasive transaction. The beauty and blessing in it is personal growth and a strong sense of inner peace/ calm (should you choose to embrace it).

These two weeks have not been a cake walk for me. However, They have been very, very auspicious for me. I have learned some wonderful things about myself and made peace with much of my inner conflicts. Despite what conflicts have come my way, I have learned to confront them fiercely with dignity and grace. The result; expected success.

It reminds me of a few quotes I have come to embrace:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Henry David Thoreau


  If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Anatole France

Subconsciously I have been living out these principles these past few weeks. It is as if my passion for living was reignited. I no longer see obstacles, I see opportunities. I have a newfound love and respect for myself. The things that would send me spiraling into despair and self-pity, now have to yield or get trampled over by my determination.

With this new opportunity in my life, I choose to exercise my faith in God‘s ability to take what is beyond my control and work it out for my benefit. I have seen Him do some amazing things on my behalf especially during this challenge. I am more than confident that this situation is no different.

It is all in His hands!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Day 11

After having conversations with a few of my girlfriends, I was inspired to write this blog. All of us are 30 somethings and either are wrestling or have wrestled with pursuing our happiness. There is this unsettling feeling in the pit of our soul that just nags and nags and nags at us waiting for our response.

For me it was more of a rabid pit bull nipping at my heals trying to get me on the right road to becoming centered. I would chase after jobs and approval for that sense of soul satisfaction. I even attempted to find sweet relief in my relationships to no avail.

The only panacea that is currently working is found within myself. As I seek a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and myself, the sea of obstacles begin to part.  What I can do becomes what I am doing.  This centering of myself provides clarity and bold courage. I am settled in the confidence of what I do not know.

I have harnessed that uncomfortable energy into action and the results are more than desirable, they are contagious. My moves are bold and even unsettling to some, however I am undaunted. Any fear that surfaces I master and exploit its energy. I  can almost liken its feeling to that of a big cat in the jungle hunting for prey.

I once read about what fear’s real purpose in our bodies is.  It produces the “fight or flight response” in us. Fear is not meant to paralyze us, but to evoke action. It is a survival mechanism. The body responds in kind. Your muscles respond, adrenaline increases and your senses jump to new levels. All of this is hardwired into our sense of self preservation.

So why are we spiritually paralyzed. Our bodies are sending the signal that we are in danger of forfeiting a full and purpose filled life full of meaningful relationships and satisfying work. The sos call of our spirit is saying, “we are in danger of spiritually dying silly! Do something!”

My challenge to all of us today is to see the obstacles as opportunities. The unrest is probably God trying to nudge you in the right direction. Take 10 minutes to sit quietly and listen. I am certain you will hear what you need to begin changing the direction of your life. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Day 10

Purge! I am going through the process of purging my life. I am starting with physical objects and sickly mentalities. As I look around at my surroundings, I notice that I harbor a lot of things that are completely unnecessary and unused. Why on Earth do I have these things? What hold do they really have over me? Why am I uncomfortable in letting them go?

This holds true for certain thoughts and ideals I have held on to for most of my life. They present no real value to me. As a matter of fact, all of these objects and mindsets serve as an anchor weighing me down and preventing proper take off.

On this day I vow to travel light on my earthly journey! No more holding on to unnecessary things, mindsets or even people. I challenge you on this day to look hard at what things, mindsets or people you are allowing to prevent your take off and have courage to set them free. I love you!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

Day nine

Feeling refreshed this morning. Jon and I are plowing right along as we gear up for these major transitions. Our energy is magnetic and contagious. Before our very eyes we are molting and dropping off dead weight. Such an exciting time in our lives.

Yesterday I deviated a wee bit from my schedule and slacked off a bit. The lesson in this is consistency and proper rest. In trying to go hard all day everyday, I almost crashed and burned. Now that I have rested a bit I can continue on.

Not much to share on this morning. I wish you all a blessed and highly productive day. I am feeling good!!!

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantihi

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