Move Outta My Way!

Last night I was watching the Mo’nique Show. Tyrese Gibson was talking about the release of his new book ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way’ while dropping little nuggets of wisdom. My husband, his friend and I were totally engaged in his take on how to be successful.

For me personally, it totally aligned with the conversations that my soul and God were engaging in. I have been on this hamster wheel called self-pity induced depression for a very long time. I was sick of my own self, yet my soul was calling out like Djimon Hounsou’s character in Amistad, “Give us free!”

This year I have been hit with the comfort of harsh truths about myself and the life that I lead. I have the exact life that I want to lead. On some level I wanted to run myself ragged on the hamster wheel of depression.  My lack of success is the result of the decision and actions of my recent and not so recent past. The same can be true for the lack of opportunities coming my way.  I wasn’t suffering from an unfortunate lot in life. I was suffering from unfortunate decisions and thought processes.

I read that opportunities in life come by creation. Success is predicated upon utilizing our natural abilities and tenaciously exploiting the opportunities afforded to us. Paramhansa Yogananda, in his book, ‘How to Be a Success’, tells us to exploit these opportunities to the best advantage because we have earned them.

How do we earn these opportunities you ask. By our thoughts silly! Our thoughts give birth to our actions and our actions give birth to our circumstance to some degree. Yogananda’s insight on this is: either your thoughts will bring you to failure or to success depending on which thought is strongest. If you make it a habit to entertain successful thoughts then you will have success in your life and vice versa.

God has given us unlimited power that can be accessed from the innermost forces of our being. These powers must be developed. In order for God to work through us we have to develop an unshakable faith in our own plans, be receptive and use our talents to carry them out.

I had to drastically shift my thought patterns about my life. The results were expected. Doors began to fly open. Opportunities materialized and mountain sized obstacles were reduced to rubble. I began recreating my life from self-pity laced to saturated with success. I am loving it and I am forever changed. How I see myself has changed.

I am success! It has never eluded me; I forfeited it. No longer though because I choose to embody success. It begins….Now!