It Begins!

   Somewhere between birth and young adulthood,  I traded in my youthful,  zesty and fierce zeal for life.  In return I saddled myself with the nonsensical cares of the world.  Now in my early thirties,  I find myself dull, unfulfilled and often times depressed.
   My very essence is shrieking for liberation.  For more than a decade  I have ignored the quiet whimperings of my spirit and my soul.  Now they are wailing loudly while  raking their tin cups across the prison bars, effectively threatening a coup d’etat.  The nights have grown restless and my mind and body weary from the heavy load.
   Freedom is hounding me like a hungry, rabid Rottweiler nipping at my heels.  My past decisions have imprisoned me,  yet my present and future decisions will set me free.  I find that is a crime against the Almighty God, to  house such ripe and fruitful gifts only to bury them and not yield a return  on His investments.
   In the parable of the talents (Mt 25:14-30), the Master of the house severely reprimanded and tossed aside the lazy unproductive servant.  The diligent and faithful servants were rewarded and praised.  I am hungry to be diligent and fruitful.  My life depends on this.
   My fiance wisely advised me to stop looking  for jobs and to pursue my passions and make a career of them.  There will never be fulfillment for me in a job. I thrive in freedom and I am nourished by creativity.  These thankless jobs only provide enough to keep me dependant on them and too distracted by frustration to see my way clear to freedom. What… the… hell!?!
   I have prepared the noose for my fears and inhibitions and I am ready to execute.  I am lacing up my hiking boots in preparation for this expedition toward my personal truth.  In the process I expect to set  my captives free, have the adventure of a lifetime and befriend some of the most amazing people in the world.  I inhale deeply and take a step.  The journey begins… Now!