100 Day Challenge


100 Day Challenge



Whew! Changing the direction of your life is hard work. I have been determined to string together great days. I am forging ahead full steam allowing momentum to propel me forward. As I was sitting and enjoying a conversation with myself, I thought about challenging myself to taking the next 100 days to change the direction of my life.


At present I am a full time homemaker and part-time business woman. I am grossly living below my potential. I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things. I love to write and research and if I could I would set up permanent residence at Barnes and Nobles.


I love life. I enjoy life, yet somehow I have managed to allow a string of incidences rob me of my joie d’ vivre. I stopped pursuing the things that brought me joy and peace of mind. I allowed my circumstances to overtake me instead of mastering them and using them to my advantage. So…….


Here I go. Over the next couple of months I will strategically place myself in a position to receive a life changing opportunity. I will leave this open to the universe and God. I stand open to receive all the abundance that awaits me.


My plan of attack includes digging in deeper with my relationship with God, meditating more, physically maintaining my temple, exercising my craft and power networking. I am excited to see just how deep within myself can I dig to create the life I truly desire to live.


Each day I will share insight on the lesson on enlightenment that I receive. Join me as I endeavor to make the best out of this glorious life that I live. Hopefully you will be doing the same.


Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantihi



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